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With Hepsia, you can manage your site, domain and billing with ease, from a a single location. With cPanel, you have 2 different Control Panel interfaces - one for your web site and another one for your invoices and domains. With cPanel, you have 2 different Control Panel interfaces - one for your web site and another one for your invoices and domains. With Hepsia, each domain name has its own separate folder. With the Hepsia CP, you can use drag 'n' drop file upload right into the File Manager. It also supports archive/unarchive options and right-click contextual menus. With cPanel, you have one main domain folder and all other add-on domain names are located inside it. After certain recent updates, cPanel's File Manager works and looks much better. Yet, it offers neither drag-and-drop file upload support, nor archive/unarchive options. With Hepsia, you receive tons of cost-free bonuses. With cPanel, the cost-free bonuses you obtain depend on the web hosting provider, which implies that you can also receive a stripped-down cPanel with nothing else. Tests have shown that the Hepsia Control Panel is three to five times faster than the cPanel CP. While with the The cPanel web hosting CP you can get the work done, it's based on concepts from the year 2000 and can be slow at times. Administering ten different web sites with the Hepsia CP is not harder than managing 1 or 2 sites. Hosting 10+ sites under a single cPanel hosting account is indeed tough. cPanel is the most famous hosting Control Panel today. But that does not mean that it is the finest - it has a lot of flaws and it has had them for such a long time that they are no longer considered faults by the majority of users. But only because something was okay in the year 2000 doesn't imply that the same thing will be OK now. Here are the most essential differences between the cPanel hosting Control Panel and the Hepsia hosting Control Panel: The Hepsia Control Panel lists only the most important sections on the home page and you can navigate using drop-down menus available in all of the sections. The Hepsia web hosting CP features a fully fledged demo account with only several functions disabled. You can even create a whole web site and check how it looks like prior to deciding whether or not to sign up.

The cPanel web hosting Control Panel offers a stripped-down demo, which will only offer you a vague idea of what the Control Panel can do. This list can go on and on. But instead of simply reading about these hosting Control Panels, why don't you give the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel a shot with our Live Demo and discover for yourself how easy website hosting can be? The cPanel Control Panel lists all available icons on the home page. To navigate between sections, you constantly need to go back there.